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# Reading Comprehension - ENTREPRENEURS

The Story of Google

What is the best way to find information today? Read the article from technology magazine. How did Google start?

Course requirement

read the text carefully and answer the question

What am I going to get from this course?

Here, the students will learn about an experience about entrepreneur of google

What is the target audience?

1 semester


  • SECTION 1 :
    Who started Google?             Sergey Brin and Larry Page started the company. Sergey came from Moscow, Russia. He moved to the United States as a young child and later studied mathematics and computer science. Larry was born in Michigan and became interested in computers as a child.

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  • SECTION 2 :
    How did they meet?             They met in 1995 at Stanford University, in California, where they were both computer science students. They did not get along at first, but they soon became friends.

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  • SECTION 3 :
    What happened next?             They designed a new internet search engine. At first, they worked in their rooms in college. Then they rented a friends’s garage because Sergey’s roommate complained about the noise from his computers. Three years later, they started Google.

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  • SECTION 4 :
    Was it an immediate success?                         The company was an immediate success. Before Google, there were other search engines, but Google soon became the most popular one. The company grew quickly they did not stop at just one product. Very soon, there were other Google products, like Google maps and Gmail. Ten years later, Google earned over $ 10 billion and had about 20, 000 employees

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  • SECTION 5 :
    So what did people do before Google?                         Before Google, people went to libraries. They got information from books. These days, they just “google” for information

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