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    The android pc tablet uses the best in latest computer technology. It all starts the operating system; it uses the Google android OS 1.6 which is among the latest and most advanced operating systems. This facilitates a faster and highly dependable functionality standard. On the other hand, the VIA WM8505 ARM926 processor is used in the android pc tablet. This is also one of the most advanced and fastest processors in the market today. When it comes to memory, the 256MB DDR2 is used in the android pc tablet. Just like the rest, this is also among the most advanced options. An average android pc tablet has a capacity of 2GB NAND flash. In addition to this, it also supports the SDHC TF card to a maximum of 16GB.

    As earlier stated, the android pc tablet is mainly made up of a full touch screen that is surrounded by a black wide plastic that acts as the outline for the screen. This screen is normally of about 7 inches with a high brightness that is brought about by its TFT nature. The android pc tablet screen is an LCD hence bringing about the wide screen effect to its touch display. In terms of resolution, the screen is of about 800*480 pixels. Just as the name suggests, the android pc tablet screen operates using its touch control system. This includes a sliding menu and the icon dragging function. Still on the visual aspect of the android pc tablet, it also has a 1.3 mega pixel camera that produces crystal clear images and video recording.
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